Don't just take our word for it! See what Career Tech Graduates are saying.

“Where to start great school awesome staff I learned so much about truck driving and myself first and foremost Lauren is my absolute favorite, she is the bestest sweetest awesomely wonderful person in the world!”

– Zachary Simon

“I believe going to Career Tech was the best decision I have ever made. The staff and trainers went out of their way not only to teach us to drive trucks but also how to be successful in the trucking business.”

– Larry Mooney

“It is a great school instructors are awesome an office personnel outstanding it was the best experience of my life have had in the last few weeks thank you Mr. Jim, Mr. Al, Mrs. Cindy Wayne, Mr. Jimmy all of you there I thank you I am almost ready to be tested soon I want to say thank you to #1 is Jacar for help me when I wanted to give up your talk and kindness and u tell me you know u can do it so thank you for all your help.”

– Paula Hall

“The greatest CDL school in the state of Florida, unlike a lot of schools you train and have a high chance of testing on a 10 speed they also give you more than the basics of tractor trailers you need to know for the road to success where you work you hardest on training they will work hard with you to getting your CDL by the end of the day you’ve got all of your hours’ worth of training to your new career, and I’m returning later on to get my Passengers and School Bus through Career Tech.”

– Jamal Jamison

“If you want the very best CDL training, you want CareerTech. I’m an alumni who recently upgraded with my trucking company and after listening and seeing what other school taught, it’s hands down easy to see that CareerTech is the best of the best.”

– Nickalos Coats

“I don’t think I would have made it into this industry without their help, I struggled with pre-trip and shifting the most, spent many late days with john and jimmy listening to them tell me many different techniques on how to become a better driver, now I’ve been at Swift for close to 9 months have done team driving, solo OTR, now I’m running dedicated with our Walmart division, clearly the best decision I ever made was going here, you guys truly changed my life, thank you!”

– Daimon LaFreniere

“Trainers are very knowledgeable and know what they are doing. If you are having trouble learning from one, you are going to learn from another. I highly recommend this school.”

– Jason Miller

“Was Not an easy thing to do frustrating at times but the staff made it So much easier. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to do this to come to this school.”

– Brandy Cherokee Fogg

“They are hardworking and very positive trainers. They bend over backwards to help anyone who has problems with all parts of the training. Two thumbs up!! glad to be trained by them. I might have been the quiet one but I did watch and listen. Again CareerTech, your the best! Thanks for the training.”

– Marc Dupuis

“5 Stars+1! I cannot say enough good about this school, the teachers and the people running the show. These people are amazing, and the teachers were born to it completely aligning you to hit a home. You’ll end up becoming part of a family and just like family they’re there to help you succeed.”

– James Powell

“I want to thank all of the instructors at career tech. Their hard work, dedication, and passion for teaching is the reason I have my CDL and new career truck drive driving. John was tough and thorough teaching pre-trip and expected nothing short of perfection. On several occasions John stayed late to help any student that had questions or wanted extra work.”

– Scott McComas

“Best school ever! They have a great staff. When I first went, I didn’t know anything. They taught me things I had tried to learn myself and told me what to do and I got better!”

– James Eldridge

“Man what an experience I met a lot of interesting people they are very welcoming broke down every move maneuver word on pre-trip to a T and didn’t mind giving me the extra time to understand the concept of it all they didn’t stop believing in me and through it all I passed and gained a 2nd family what more could you ask for… #THANKYOU“

– Alexander Wang

“They train you to pass with the tools and knowledge needed!! They can be hard on you but it’s for a reason. Thank you to the whole staff for having me and helping me achieve this goal of being a professional driver.”

– Matthew Mas Santiago

“Career Tech is absolutely an amazing school to get your CDL and meet great people. I went there and lost hope so many times but the people there got me through it and helped me in every single way they could when other schools wouldn’t even bother to make an effort. I strongly recommend going here if you wanna get your CDL. Thank you everybody at Career Tech for everything.“

– Trokero Del Mundo

“Great staff! They care about your training from day one till the end and beyond.they bend over backwards to insure you get the proper training. going to Career Tech was the best decision. Two thumbs up!”

– Marc Dupuis

“I just can’t express in words how good Kyle was with the pre test and how awesome the testers are at this school. Everything was put together so well and personalized to your own needs. Thank you all especially Kevin for the knowledge you instilled within me that will last a lifetime.”

– Charlotte Ann Slater- McCullough

“I owe them the world!!! I did this program in 2013 and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Let’s just say now I own 2 trucks and I have a driver working for me now!!!!! Thanks a bunch Career Tech!!! You saved me!! I highly recommend.”

– Ciera Cortez

“I would definitely recommend this school to anyone! The staff were friendly and supportive with a genuine desire to see you succeed. The trainers were top notch with loads of experience and insight in the field. The training itself was rigorous and in-depth. It provides not only a better understanding of trucking but a guide to being the safe and responsible trucker.”

– Mark Gonzalez

“I can’t say enough about the training and office staff here at career tech, the knowledge and help from them was what helped me pass my cdl test on my first attempt. If you listen to what they tell you then you will always succeed!”

– Jim Garvin

“So happy I came to this school, they are so patient and encouraging, they truly want to see you succeed!”

– Karyn Thomas

“If you wondering which cdl school you should go stop because you found the best we were fresh drivers never drove semi and they spent the time to help us every step of the way a big shout out to our awesome trainers Will James Kyle Jim and Nathan if you put in the time and effort you will love this place.”

– David Hallal

“Career Tech Florida taught me the skills I needed to obtain my Class A CDL. The staff and instructors are always available if needed. I am happy I attended a school that actually cares and wants to see their students succeed.”

– Lomia Stacy Sharpe

“Attending career tech gave me the tools needed to obtain my cdl class A with no restrictions. Payment plan was phenomenal thanks to Sher and her patience and understanding. Highly recommend if looking for a career change and financial stability. Thanks!”

– Robert Perez

“Got my CDL in 2012 through CareerTech. Best decision I have ever made! Great school and support staff. Very friendly and hardworking folks. They will search tirelessly to make sure you get “THE” job, Not just a job.”

– Jack Hubbard

“Phenomenal staff! Knowledgeable-Friendly-Supportive-Encouraging-Fun! They do whatever needs to be done to make sure that you master the skills you need!”

– Shaa Wilson

“Excellent CDL training academy. Before starting at CT in Lakeland I had no knowledge about driving a manual vehicle thanks for the training Jimmy, Al, John, Jacar, Nate, Dwyne. Awesome office staff!”

– Reginald Harrison

“Great CDL school. Really helped my husband complete his CDL and provided everything he needed to be successful.”

– Lorrie Rolfe

“Great school and great instructor they’ll teach you what you need to know to make in the trucking world and more!”

– John Boyle

“This school is awesome. Great instructors. They really care about you. You’re not just a number or a check to them.”

– Richard Bailey