Class B CDL Training

Class B CDL Training

The Class B CDL Training program is designed to help you pass the Florida CDL-B test and start your career as an entry-level commercial truck driver.

It’s a detailed course that makes sure you’re ready for the job’s challenges.

Who Should Consider This Training?

This program is great for quick learners and those with some experience driving combination vehicles. The Class B CDL Training helps you build on your skills, making the learning process smooth and effective.

What You'll Learn

The curriculum includes four key courses, covering classroom lectures and safety theory. These topics ensure you understand the necessary rules and best practices for safe driving.

  • Introduction to Class B Training, pre-trip, basic yard, and road skills
  • Covers safety fundamentals, essential regulatory requirements, and non-driving responsibilities Includes vehicle inspection and pre-trip/post-trip inspections per FMCSR
  • Hands-on vehicle inspection to learn parts and required inspection points
  • Basic yard skills: straight line backing, alley dock backing, 45/90 degree offset backing, parallel parking (blind side/sight side), and coupling/uncoupling
  • Road time driving with real traffic situations and best practices to avoid accidents
  • Training on observing street signs, clearances, and making emergency roadside stops
  • Road test exam available upon completion of basic road skills, administered by the state examiner

Hands-On Experience

Beyond theory, the program focuses on practical skills through hands-on training and yard skills. You’ll also learn about vehicle inspection and operation, which are crucial for safety and following the rules on the road.

Program Schedule

The Class B CDL Training program is fast-paced, wrapping up in just one week with 8-hour daily sessions, totaling 40 hours. This intensive schedule helps you quickly gain the skills and knowledge needed for success in the trucking industry.