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Job Placement

Job Placement

Job Placement Assistance

Career Tech offers job placement assistance to our qualified graduates.  Career Tech does not guarantee job placement. We currently work with many carriers that hire new graduates directly from our school, including: Werner, Swift, Schneider, Covenant, TransAm, Heyl, US Xpress, and Prime. We also work with national carriers who will sometimes hire students with prior background issues, including felonies and current probation/parole supervision, that are looking for an opportunity for new start in life. Each employer determines the hiring requirements for their own workforce. We work with you to help you find the best possible job to fit you and your lifestyle.

If you are initially unsure about the type of trucking job that will work best for you, see a list of job types below:

OTR Drivers

Over-the-road (OTR) or long haul drivers drive several hundred miles per day, often times over several state lines. As pay is generally based on a per mile basis, OTR drivers have a large earning potential, but will often times spend a week or more away from home.

Regional Drivers

Regional truckers do much of the same thing that OTR drivers do, except that they are assigned only to one region of the country (southeast, midwest, east coast, etc.) Regional drivers still have fairly good earning potential and often get to be home on weekends.

Local Drivers

Local drivers often have consistent daily routes in their state or near their home and get paid on a per stop basis. Local drivers often get to be home on a daily basis.


Independent Drivers or owner-operators run their own business. They own their own equipment and pick their own routes and schedules.

Specialized Drivers

Specialized truck drivers can be either local or long distance and often handle bulk or oversized items. Such items may include large equipment or bulk liquid. Additional specialized training is often required, as well as license endorsements such as HAZMAT, double or triple trailer or Tanker.


CDL Training


At Career Tech, you will learn many life skills that will make the difference between a job and a career, the difference between an employee and a professional, the difference between loving your work and hating your job, the difference between going through the motions of life running on a hamster wheel, and discovering that there is a purpose for your life.

Just think about it for a moment.

Does Your Current Job Offer Job Security?

  • How many truck drivers’ jobs can be replaced by computers or robots to haul freight over the open roads in an eighteen wheeler? The answer is ZERO!
  • How many Truck Driver jobs will be outsourced to foreign countries? ZERO!
  • Only people who qualify can be professionally trained to drive the big rigs!
  • Career Tech is building it’s reputation as a leader in training qualified, professional drivers. Our goal is for our graduates to be among the most sought after entry level drivers in the industry.

Areas of Study

Commercial Truck Driver Training (Class A Only):

The Commercial Truck Driver Training Program is a 160 hour certificate program that is generally completed within 4 weeks. The Commercial Truck Driver Training program is a fast paced program that works well for quick learners and students with prior experience in driving combination vehicles. The program consists of four courses of classroom lecture, safety theory, hands on training, yard skills, and vehicle inspection and vehicle operation. We train students to successfully pass the Florida Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Test and equip them to function as a licensed, entry level, commercial truck driver upon completion.

Advanced Truck Driver Training (Class A Only):

The Advanced Truck Driver Training program is a 320 hour certificate program that is generally completed in 10 weeks. The Advanced Truck Driver Training program is a slower paced program that consists of eight one week courses. The program goes into greater detail than the CDL program and provides additional behind the wheel training and meets the requirements of employers that require 320 clock hours of truck driver training. The Advanced Truck Driver program’s curriculum is based on the FHWA Model Curriculum and follows Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) curriculum standards.

Career Tech is accredited through the COE, Council on Occupational Education, an accrediting agency based out of Atlanta, GA.


State of Florida CDL Manual

Download CDL Manual (.PDF)

CDL Manual/Bus (PDF)

CDL Manual/Bus (PDF)

CDL Manual (PDF)

CDL Manual

CDL Manual (PDF)

CDL Manual (PDF)

CDL Manual/Bus (PDF)

CDL Manual (PDF)

CDL Manual (PDF)

CDL Manual/Bus (PDF)

CDL Manual (PDF)

New Hampshire
CDL Manual (PDF)

New Jersey
CDL Manual/Bus (PDF)

New Mexico
CDL Manual (PDF)

New York
CDL Manual/Bus

North Carolina
CDL Manual (PDF)

North Dakota
CDL Manual (PDF)



Lakeland, FL

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Speak to our Recruiting Specialist now for information regarding our full programs.

Please contact All Class Driver Testing for testing only: (813) 625-8899

Career Tech is an adult vocational school located in Lakeland Florida, serving students primarily from the central Florida region. Career Tech currently offers programs for Business (Employment, Recruitment and Placement Specialist), and Logistics (Professional Truck Driver, Advanced Truck Driver, & Commercial Truck Driver Training ).

At Career Tech, we know that every student has dreams. We can help you achieve those dreams.Complete the short form below and we’ll be in touch.



It’s time to get on the road to your future career. Why wait? You deserve it.


It’s time to get on the road to your future career. Why wait? You deserve it.

Central Florida’s Leading Transportation & Logistics Training School

Commercial Truck Driver Training

Our curriculum is aligned with your selected program. No need to waste time taking courses that don’t apply to your career.

Advanced Truck Driver Training

At Career Tech, we know that every student has dreams. We can help you achieve those dreams.

What We Offer


The primary mission of Career Tech is to instruct students with career and technical education to meet the competency levels and credentials needed for initial employment and/or career advancement.


Our curriculum is aligned with your selected program. No need to waste time taking courses that don’t apply to your career.


Career Tech is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education. Our staff is 100% focused on excelling your career.


Classes average 6 students for our Advanced Truck Driver & Commercial Truck Driver Training programs. You don’t have to worry about being in a class of hundreds, getting zero attention to your educational needs.


Career Tech’s Student Services personnel offers community information, housing availability, academic and financial advisement, and assistance with resume and interview preparation, to help you secure employment.


Career Tech does not discriminate against students, faculty, or staff and no person shall be excluded from participation in programs or be subjected to any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, age, disability, religion, or national origin.


Career Tech is not eligible to receive Financial Aid but do have loans available through CDL Advantage for those that qualify. We do accept WIA vouchers, Veterans Education Benefits, and Vocational Rehabilitation. To find out if you qualify call  863-688-8800 and speak to one of our staff members.

Ready to get started?

Career Tech is a faith friendly, adult vocational school that believes everyone can learn the skills they need to increase their earning potential, and thereby improve their lives. Students are encouraged to think big, set goals, and to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually to be balanced and successful in all their endeavors and relationships. We expect students to do their best to achieve success in their education, career, finances, health and wellness, and spiritual life. What sets Career Tech apart is our faculty that takes tremendous pride in seeing YOU succeed.

  • Commercial Truck Driver Training
  • Advanced Truck Driver Training
  • Financial Assistance

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